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Colleen Slaughter, Managing Partner; Authentic Leadership International/Leadership Advisor to McKinsey & Co.

Colleen Slaughter, Managing Partner; Authentic Leadership International/Leadership Advisor to McKinsey & Co.

Colleen Slaughter specializes in guiding international leaders to attain the clarity, courage and self–confidence they need to realize higher levels of success and fulfillment in both their personal and professional lives.


Using the unique experience she gained working abroad in a variety of cultures and across an array of industries, she helps individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds achieve lasting transformation at a deeper level. She shows them how to move toward real change through a clear understanding of their goals and by aligning their intentions and attention with their core values.


She considers herself a “rebel with a good cause” – meaning that she doesn’t hesitate to go against the grain when the right–thing–to–do–instinct dictates. Many clients say that she’s very easy to relate to and that they are better able to get in touch with their true selves as a result of the trusting relationship they develop through their work together.


She lives in Lyon, France with her two fun little girls who are the lights of her life. In order to deepen her yoga practice, in 2009 she followed a 200–hour Vinyasa Teacher Training course. Since then, you can find her on the mat pretty much every day. And, when she is not there, you may catch her whipping up fresh fajitas and guacamole in the kitchen or trying out her latest salsa moves.


Colleen has worked worldwide with Fortune 500 companies, NGOs and nonprofits, and business leaders from 50 countries. With 1500+ hours of coaching conversations and 20 years practicing leadership development, she has extensive experience working with C-level leaders operating in global locations. Colleen is a specialist in all aspects of leadership effectiveness, political savvy, and strategic influence. Colleen holds several certifications in the business, coaching, and facilitation fields to help leaders achieve big impacts on their organizations.



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